Sam And Freddie!

Anonymous said: How did you guys meet?

We met by Carly introducing us to each other in fourth grade

Anonymous said: Freddie how did you not know Sam liked you she was so obvious about it!

F: I - I don’t know I just.. Didn’t.

Anonymous said: Freddie what did you tell your mom when you left to see if Sam was ok? Did you even tell her at all?

F: she was okay with it because she thought I was just checking if ” a friend ” wasn’t hurt.

Anonymous said: Did you two graduate yet?

F: nope. One more year!
S: same

Anonymous said: Favourite song right now?

F: it will always he running away by AM because that is basically OUR song
S: * smiles *

Anonymous said: Freddie, how much do you love Sam?

F: More than she or anyone else will ever know

Anonymous said: Can Freddie say panties around you Sam?

S: possibly ;)

Ask us stuff

Ask us stuff now - Sam

Anonymous said: shoutout: to askseddie! for being a fantastic blog and making me laugh so much! Thanks for keeping my otp alive!

TORI: Shout Out to askseddie!

JADE: Blog rate 7.5/10. 

Anonymous said: what was sam's most romantic thing that she did for freddie ?

F: can’t think of the most romantic. There have been many times ;)